What’s in your dog food and are you literally killing your dog with kindness? I am horrified by some of the ingredients put in dog foods and treats, and you should be too. While we are actively encouraged to look at what we are feeding to ourselves and our children, […]

Dog Food – killing with kindness

Choosing the right training class is something that you should spend some time doing, as joining the wrong one can have disastrous effects on your dog and your relationship with him. Currently, there is absolutely NO regulation of dog trainers. Quite literally anyone can advertise themselves as a dog trainer, […]

Choosing a Training Class

There are certain phrases that I hear used in dog training and behaviour circles that make me feel more than a little uncomfortable. And force-free dog training is one of them.  I dislike it for several reasons. Firstly, people use it as a kind of badge of honour…they don’t seem […]

Force-free Dog Training?