My south-east London based instructor courses are very popular and take your knowledge and practical ability to help you to the next level in dog training!

The Instructors course is held on Thursday evenings at All Saints Church Hall, New Cross Road, London, SE14 5DJ (between Monson Rd & Casella Rd).

It consists of a minimum of twelve, three hour sessions per course. Classes run from 7.00pm-10.00pm, at a cost of £700.00 for the course. At the end of every course, we will assess how much you’ve learnt, and whether or not you feel that you’ve learnt as much as you need to, or whether or not you wish to continue training.

An achievement certificate is given at the end of the course for those who complete it successfully. Handouts will be given to you from time to time covering a variety of different subjects. They may help with some of the exercises that are taught at the class, or they may just be pieces of information that I feel that you might find interesting. Only six instructors are normally admitted per course, so don’t delay returning the form, as places are allocated on a first paid-first accepted basis.

This course is designed to help students achieve a level of competence in instructing pet dog training to a standard where they should be sufficiently adept that should they wish to, they could run their own training sessions. This may be in groups, or as one-one training. We will cover a range of subjects, incorporating both training and behaviour. These will include:

  • Loose lead walking: Teaching the dog to walk without pulling on the lead.
  • Recall: Teaching the dog to come back when it is called from a variety of distractions.
  • Don’t jump up: Not to jump up on people who approach the owner or the owners themselves.
  • Leave: To leave or avoid someone or something when told.
  • Stay: To remain in a position until released by the owner.
  • Play: How to play appropriately, and in a way likely to make the dog want to play with the owner.
  • Handling: How to teach the dog to accept being handled and examined.

Get in touch with Rob Alleyne to find out more. Email: or call 07726 787 343