Rob has been interviewed for television on a wide variety of issues, such as aggression, diet, puppies, and so called ‘dog experts’ and has helped campaign against Breed Specific Legislation.
On Dog Aggression




Rob teaches model Caprice, some basic dog training skills, when several others have failed.


Marc the Vet interviews Rob about neutering


Owner Responsibility
Rhoda Wilson interviews Rob on what it takes to be a good owner, and more importantly to see dog ownership as a long term commitment, and discusses his book “The Trouble-Free Dog” .


End Breed Specific Legislation

Filmed at the London Peaceful Protest 2013 at the Houses of Parliament


What We Should Know About Dog Food

Do you have any idea what it means when your dog food uses the word ‘meaty?’ It usually means little or no actual meat. Or when it uses the word ‘with’ tasty chicken, which usually means 4% chicken. This video will help you to understand some of the jargon intended to mislead you.