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Big thank you for sorting out Cleo’s problems.After spending nearly 2yrs at Battersea Dogs Home the last thing l wanted to do was to have to take her back,(Mind you l would never have done that!) It is reasurring that with the right advice and support, these behavioural problems can be resolved. Cleo is now a dog anyone would be proud to own.
Once again Rob, l cant thank you enough
Keep up the good work

Lesley & Cleo

I just thought that I would write and say how much I enjoy the work you do, and the way in which you do it. You are the perfect combination of calm authority and commitment to improving the lives of the owners and dogs.


We do not know how to thank you – you were/are superb! And we could not be more pleased and are fully committed to the agreed plan. All of us are more relaxed after your visit, and J and I now know where we are going. We are so grateful and have told everyone about your visit and that you were both expert and fun!

But in addition we are ALL knackered! I knew Trev would be tired but John and I are the same!


Senior & Junior Holtons

Eva has been so good since we saw you at the house. Her behaviour at home is almost perfect now and even out and about she is very well-behaved. We’ve let her off lead a few times at the park and she returns every time. If we are walking past another dog on the street and I say ‘leave’ she looks away from the dog immediately, even when she is off lead. We’ve been taking a ball / toy to the park and she is now more interested in playing with us than other dogs. I can’t believe how much you’ve helped her already and I dread to think what she would have been like by now without the training!


Thank you for helping us with the Dogs, Norah is a joy settled and happy Petal is doing so well I love taking them to the Park together now. I am going to work on the recall next. I think the key to them both is I never let them get away with anything, or we will be back in that not so happy place. So thank you Rob we are enjoying them so much.

Annette, Alan, Norah and Petal

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