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Behaviour Consultations Testimonials

We have made more progress in 3 days since Rob’s visit, than we made in the 3 months since we got Luna, following advice from the internet.  Really practical and easy things to change to make a difference.  Thank you very much Rob – you’ve had such an impact.

Sarah, Neil and Luna


One Pug drove up to Culpepper, but another dog is now living with us. We have the house painters working all over outside the house.  BUT today we don’t have the constant moronic barking.  Thank the LORD & Rob. Max and I cannot tell you how much we appreciated this workshop.

Meg and Max

I could not recommend Rob highly enough. Without meeting our dog, just from knowing the breed and the food we were giving him, Rob described Crumble’s health issues which weren’t even the reason we called him!! On the new food Crumble is flourishing with no skin issues or chewing, scratching etc. Our initial reason for contacting Rob was to help us integrate a new puppy, whose temperament, whilst delightful to us, was intensely irritating to Crumble, to the extent that we feared a fight and real damage to the pup.

Rob was unbelievably helpful, had loads of ideas some of which seemed a bit strange but Rob always explained why they would work and they did. Absolutely everything worked as expected, and over time, after working with them separately, the dogs started to be able to spend time together and again, over time, with less and less active supervision on our part and for longer and longer periods. It was time consuming at the start, but well worth it and without his help we genuinely feel we might well not have been able to keep the pup. It was a tough time, my sister had just died and Rob knew this and therefore knew the limited emotional resources I had. Rob gave us work to do, then visited a second time a week later to be there when the dogs met for the first time. He just took control on that occasion which was good, as I couldn’t even look I had my eyes shut. I felt able to text, ring or e mail Rob, and he always spent the time to talk me through the next step and the reasons behind it. He also contacted me, to ask how it was going if he did not hear from me, every conversation ended with the phrase “keep me informed”.

Anyway, from needing to keep a barrier between them at all times, and even in those circumstances seeing much aggression, we can now put them in the boot of the car together confident there will not be an issue. I would even go so far as to say they are friends, they don’t just tolerate each other, they get on very well. An amazing result due to a combination of Rob’s skill, and our time to follow it all through, even the strange sounding stuff!

Rosie Westby

Rob kindly came to visit us some years ago to help with our boisterous Airedale Terrier puppy – Rufus Hound. He helped us (me in particular) understand that I needed to change my behaviour in order adjust my dogs behaviour. Rufus Hound has never been perfect behaviour-wise but is a perfect dog for us, and Rob went a long way towards helping us achieve that goal. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Helena & Rufus

Hi Rob,
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Biscuit. He has moved onto a no grain diet and seems better for it all round, his scratching has reduced and I think this may now be related to bites he gets on walks. The spray collar has changed him immeasurably – we now take him round the estate without a lead and he comes to heel and sit whenever a car passes by. He is also able to go off lead in the forest park nearby and despite is natural desire to truffle around with his nose down, never strays too far. This has a huge benefit as he is no longer fighting against a lead which tires him and increases the chance of sickness. Around dogs he is absolutely fine and i have no issues about he going up to and playing with other dogs if they are friendly and their owners are of a similar mind – only today another passing owner say they wished their dog was a well behaved as Biscuit! He doesn’t go on the sofas unless invited to do so and overall he is a calm and relaxed dog – or one that can easily be calmed if things become naturally exciting for him.
In short, he has retained all of the personality he had, but is now relaxed, responsive, more healthy and not a danger to himself in any way.
Thanks again,


Hi Rob,
We are still treating when passing strangers and moved him on to town walking at night and he is seeing more people than he did at forest walking.
Sometimes he glances at people then carries on walking, sniffing etc and doesn’t seem bothered about them. The rest of the time when seeing people he looks back to Paul for his treat. Sometimes we feel he looks at people just to get a treat. We have cut the treats down as now combining a cuddle as well.
Massive improvement with him and Dolly. We now all sit watching TV relaxed which we never could have done before.
My washing has been staying on the washing line which is wonderful.
He is much better at not jumping up the work tops.
We are still ignoring him and giving attention on our terms, our son and his girlfriend also do so on visiting and have said they have seen a massive difference in him.
He doesn’t demand attention no where near as much as before.
We are really happy with his progress and since meeting with you we haven’t had any negative experiences with people.
many thanks for your help.
Teresa , Paul and Mummies Boy Benson
(Also Dolly loves you lots as she can relax now )

Teresa and Paul

I would like to say a huge thankyou to you for all your advice and help. After hearing you talk at a recent dog behaviour seminar I contacted you regarding some issues with our two black Labradors. I cannot thank you enough for your time and assistance, and, for being at the end of the phone when we’ve needed a chat. We can see a big improvement already in just a couple of weeks and its lovely to see our wonderful dogs over come their issues and our house feels calmer again.
Claire x

Claire Denyer

Hi Rob.

Thank you so much for the enlightening and eye opening session yesterday,
This morning we have been doing some simple rattle can exercises on things that always provoked a big reaction from percy like the broom, the curtains tea towels etc.  The results have been amazing!! I have barely had to shake the can after the first few times as he responds to the command leave beautifully ( So far!! ).
We’ll keep you posted on further developments.
Thanks again
Sarah & Nick

Sarah & Nick

A big thank you for sorting out Cleo’s problems.After spending nearly 2yrs at Battersea Dogs Home the last thing l wanted to do was to have to take her back,(Mind you l would never have done that!)
It is reasurring that with the right advice and support, these behavioural problems can be resolved.
Cleo is now a dog anyone would be proud to own.

Once again Rob, l cant thank you enough, keep up the good work


I cannot recommend Robert highly enough. From the initial consultation through to the home visit, assessment and practical training Robert put us at ease. With a friendly yet still highly professional approach Robert has been a pleasure to work with. I feel very comfortable discussing any training issues or queries with Robert and I never feel embarrassed to ask what might seem like a silly question. Both my dogs have come on tremendously since working with Robert. The mix of both behavioural advice and practical training is ideal.