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“I was initially invited to observe Rob’s instructor course in December 2016. I was immediately struck by the detailed, efficient and practical way in which it was taught. I enrolled straight away and started the course in January 2017. Rob provided detailed instructions as to how each exercise was taught and how to explain this to a class of owners. Over the course of a few weeks I observed the running of the class whilst Rob explained each exercise to me. Rob’s detailed analysis of the class, practical advice and wonderful sense of humour really helped to increase my confidence until I was ready to stand up in front of the class explaining the exercises and then participate in training.

I learnt so much about how to instruct on this course, not only by observing others and having the opportunity to teach real owners and their dogs, but also through Rob’s thorough analysis that he provided both as the class was being conducted and at the end of class. At the end of class we were all given the opportunity to discuss each exercise, further our knowledge as to how we approached them and how we might approach them differently in the future. We were also given the opportunity to discuss any difficulties that arose during an exercise and discuss within the group how each person might have addressed these. This provided a deeper understanding of the correct approach towards the various differing issues that may arise during training that was paramount to how I might address these in the future.

In addition, the education days were amazing and in a very positive sense altered my whole view on various aspects of modern training and behavioural modification techniques. These consisted of watching various DVDs and T.V. series of various behaviourists and trainers employing differing methods (from the use of ‘purely’ positive techniques to aversive techniques) to train dogs for certain tasks or ‘resolve’ various forms of behavioural issues. The behavioural issues ranged from various forms of aggression to differing management problems. As a group we were encouraged to conduct a detailed analysis of the efficacy and success of these techniques and debate as to whether the various issues we observed had in fact been resolved, simply managed or made worse, in addition to what impact these techniques had on both the dog and owner. Rob encouraged us to discuss other techniques that could be used to resolve these various problems behaviours and provided us with ideas for alternative effective approaches that would serve to both resolve the problem behaviours and provide more positive and safe outcomes for both the dog and owner. He also recounted a number of fascinating behavioural cases and situations that he had encountered, the way in which he approached them and the outcomes. Rob created a relaxed atmosphere whereby we were able to discuss and debate openly. These education days have provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I could never have derived from simply reading books. I would like to state my most heartfelt thanks to you Rob for these education days and the time you took out of your busy schedule to provide these for us. These education days have provided me with the ability to both think more analytically and ensure that I use training techniques that will be of real benefit to both owners and dogs. They were a real eye-opener for me and helped me to develop a sense of the different styles of training and what kind of trainer I would ultimately like to become.

Rob is exceptionally supportive and generous. He not only gave his full support, time and advice during classes and education days, but has also provided me with hours of advice and support over the phone for any reason whenever I have needed it. Rob is committed to fully preparing his students for their future success in training and also provides support for students that have already passed the course in their training endeavours.

I would like to thank Rob from the bottom of my heart for the confidence you have instilled in me. Your unwavering advice, support, and generosity have served to push me forward into making the decision to become a trainer. I would wholly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning how to run a class, those that would like to run one-one training sessions and those that are following the behavioural route. This course goes beyond the basics in my opinion and provides the methods that those wanting to become trainers or behaviourists will need in order to progress in their careers.”

Charlotte Standage

“I attended Rob’s instructor course in the Spring/Summer 2014, those 12 weeks flashed by. Rob is patient, generous with his knowledge and time and an amazing sense of humour! Rob simplifies instructing without confusing the dog owner and dog or the person learning to be an instructor. The other instructors and trainees on the course are fun, friendly and encouraging. The talks after the class are informative and he encourages you to think and talk through scenarios. Rob helped me when I got my first puppy consultation a few months later and he gave me the courage to give a go. Thank you Rob – the tea, biscuits and cake were a bonus too!!”

Tracey Bugg

Robert not only has a wealth of experience and an immense knowledge of the canine world; he also understands people. Through careful guidance, encouragement and humour, he has the skill of being able to teach each individual trainee instructor to the best of their ability. It is because of the support and encouragement I got on Robert’s instructors course that I now run my own dog training school. It is a special skill to be able to teach someone else to teach; Robert has an abundance of that skill and that is why I would encourage anyone who wants to learn how to be a good instructor, to sign up and learn from the instructor who is second to none.”

Jane Ball

I joined Robert Alleyne’s instructor course in (sorry couldnt find exact date). I needed to gain practical experience to add to my Behaviourist qualification.

Robert was very supportive and helped me gain more confidence in a class environment. He has a great sense of humour which helped all the instructors to relax.

Robert encourages all his students to follow their own path in training.


I just wanted to say I had the most amazing time on your Instructors Course, I learnt so much. I have already started to use the training techniques from the course. Thank you for all you support and guidance during the course it has made me a better instructor.
On a personal note, I now also feel so much more confident in standing up in front of the class and running an exercise or even the whole full class.

Thanks again


I originally met Robert Alleyne in late November 2012 when I enrolled my very young puppy, a Parson Russell Terrier, in his Monday night dog training class. I did extensive research into which was the best dog training class in London and his name kept coming up. I went to visit his class a week before picking up my new dog and was so impressed that I signed up on the spot.

I live in North West London and am surrounded by dog training clubs. Robert’s class is in South East London, so couldn’t be further away. Despite the hour plus journey I had to make each week, I was convinced that this was where I was going to receive the best instruction.

The pet dog training I received gave me an excellent foundation and a year later I was heavily involved in the dog sports of agility, flyball and dock dogs Because of the good early start I received at Robert’s school, I got bitten by the dog training bug and was often seen in the local park teaching my dog some new thing.

It wasn’t long before people started to approach me and ask if I would train their dog for them. So two years after completing Robert’s pet dog training class, I enrolled on his 12 week dog training instructor course which I have now completed. Robert is an excellent teacher and has the added advantage of being both a dog trainer and a behaviour consultant, so can really get underneath any training issues students may have with a particular dog.

I also believe Robert has a far greater concern for the welfare of dogs than many other trainers out there, so will only teach what really works. A blessing in a world full of theoretical dog training techniques that often don’t really do the job.

In addition to the Thursday evening course, Robert holds what he calls Education Days for his instructors. One of these was held at his house where we watched videos of other trainers working and discussed what we thought worked well and what didn’t. This was great, as Robert likes to get you thinking for yourself rather than just following instructions by rote without any real deep understanding.

Another day was spent at the amazing Medical Detection Dog Centre near Milton Keynes, where we learnt how they teach their dogs to detect cancer, alert diabetes sufferers of poor blood sugar levels and warn those with nut allergies not to go in that room, because someone in there ate a peanut butter sandwich some 24 hours earlier and it’s still on his breath.

If you want to be a dog trainer I urge you to take Robert Alleyne’s instructor course. In a country where more dogs die because of behaviour problems than due to illness, it is up to us as instructors to stop this happening. We can only do this if we learn to do our job properly and to teach dog owners the most effective methods for training their friend. Not enough dog trainers are doing this. Don’t be one of them.


I did Rob’s instructor course from November 2013 until March 2014. Through the duration of the course, my confidence grew week by week. I learnt a lot in helping the owners learn along with their dogs, and it was great to watch their progress. After the class, we always had a discussion, which was beneficial in analysing/understanding how the evening had gone. Definitely a course worthwhile doing.


Having met Robert about 6 years ago, I had heard him talk about possibly setting up a dog training instructors course. As soon as I heard it was running a few years later I signed up immediately – Rob’s advice for my dog walking business had been spot on, so I knew the course would be good.

The course is set indoors, so weather can’t stop training. Nerves of course can be an issue, but Rob understands and the course is set up to build confidence in every way. We were taught all the basic exercises, the why and the how and then how to teach these to owners, all reward based training with food and toys. We also learn about lesson planning so we can be realistic about how much to train in each session.

We were working with members of the public and their dogs, which is actually quite rare in a learning environment and it really makes a big difference in confidence levels. We learn how to work with people from all walks of life, with different motivation levels and abilities, and help them to train dogs of different breeds and ages. If things don’t go quite right Rob is there to help us work out the solutions ourselves, under his expert guidance.

After training with Rob I set up my own group classes and ran them successfully for 18 months, until ill health meant I had to shut down. Rob kindly visited while I was training a class to give me very valuable feedback so support wasn’t suddenly withdrawn after the course was over. I still use the techniques he taught me in my 121 training sessions. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a dog training instructor as being extremely valuable experience.


Robert Alleyne’s Trainee Instructors’ course is unique.
It’s a ‘rolling’ course where first you observe other trainees carry out the class, under the guidance of Robert. Then gradually you are eased into instructing, supported by him along the way. By the end of the course having the ability to fully instruct a class of pet owners the basic essential training that pet dogs need.
You learn the theory first and then you have the invaluable experience of putting it to practical use. Furthermore, there is an appraisal after every class to consider how to improve each week plus the opportunity to attend an Education Day one weekend. You won’t find this anywhere else.
Robert is a leading figure in the world of dog training. He has a huge amount of knowledge of canine behaviour and dog training experience which he is generous to share on his course. I feel privileged to be learning from Robert and would highly recommend his course to other dog enthusiasts and budding dog trainers.


I attended Robert Alleyne’s Instructors course in 2012. I had been instructing at a dog club for several years at this point, however, I found out a fair bit about my instructing skills on this course. The course enables you to analyse the way you teach, gives you a chance to learn new ways of teaching and equally gives you a chance to observe others teaching. At the end of each lesson we were given the chance to discuss ideas, listen to critiques about our own teaching skills and debate with Rob himself about why he teaches the way he does. I found the course very enjoyable and extremely beneficial in furthering my work with pet dog owners.