One-to-One Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour consultations are for dogs whose issues are more behavioural in origin, and may require more intensive education in order to resolve them. Consultations usually take around three-four hours, and are normally carried out at the owners home. That time is spent gathering a history of the dog, it’s problems and why I think that it has them, it’s relationship with you and your family, and how we will aim to re-educate the dog and remove any problem behavioural or training issues. We would also look at things like the dogs exercise regime and diet to make sure that there is nothing there that may be contributing to your problems. We will also do some training while I am there to ensure that the dog is more responsive to you even before I leave your house. I then take all of that information away with me and write a step-by-step program for you to follow to put right the problems we have discussed. I then get you to keep in touch on the phone on a weekly basis for as long as you feel necessary. So between the consultation, written program and follow-ups, you should only need the one visit.

One-to-One Dog Training

One-to-One Dog Training is for dogs that primarily have basic training problems and/or relatively minor behavioural problems, but where either the dog and/or the owner may not want a class situation, or feel it more suitable to carry out the training in situ, with each session normally lasting around two hours.

Training sessions are normally carried out at the owners home, or local open space, depending on the problems the owner and dog are having.

The one-one session is usually spent looking at the relationship between the owner and the dog, and the problems that relationship is causing. This is usually carried out indoors. Sessions may be carried out outdoors if that is where the training issues manifest themselves.

One-one sessions focus on typical training problems, but what is taught will be decided as much by the owner as by me. So, the owner will tell me what they want the dog taught or un-taught, but there may be other issues or exercises that I might suggest may be useful to them.

I cover London and much of the south-east, including Essex, Surrey and Kent,

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