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Dog and Owner Training Classes Testimonials

Lenny is a ‘changed man’. He still has the (very) occasional ‘div’, but only when on the lead. And if he does go mad, it’s for nano seconds and he’s out of it almost instantly. Off the lead he’s fantastic. We were out walking the other week and 2 large staffs came bounding towards us, and all it took for Len to ignore them was a squeak of his favourite ball and a treat… He’s even accepting of new dogs when we meet them (actually, more often than not he just ignores them). He’s so much more chilled… We have a new baby in the house (grand-child) and that set off his protective instincts, and the barking at the door and following the baby around started to take over, but we’ve worked on it and he’s no longer stressing.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that it only took a couple of weeks to sort…

Wendy Rogers and Lenny

I’ve been meaning to write to you for quite some time. Tracy and myself make regular references to the help you’ve given us. And, thanks to your guidance and advice – Molly’s behaviour has well and truly been transformed. Her chase instinct is a thing of the past. And the “leave it” command gets listened to the majority of the time (we are still aiming for 100 per cent). Molly well and truly loves being on the Burns Diet. And we had the opportunity to meet a kilt-wearing Mr. Burns himself at Discover Dogs in Earls Court last October. We sang your praises and mentioned that you had recommended his product to us. Mr. Burns was exceptionally grateful for the positive feedback and spoke very highly of you.

In addition to helping our dog’s behaviour, Tracy and myself have been inspired by your outlook on life and spirit. We quote you regularly (e.g. “Rewards and Consequences”) and approach many of life’s trials and tribulations with “what would Robert do?”. While typing this, we’re cooking some fish treats for the dog as Molly well and truly responds well to them. We use them for playing “Find the Lady” games using tins and the floor. She wins every time.

Andy, Tracy and Molly

Eva has been so good since we saw you at the house and since we started using the spray collar. Her behaviour at home is almost perfect now and even out and about she is very well-behaved. We’ve let her off lead a few times at the park and she returns every time. If we are walking past another dog on the street and I say ‘leave’ she looks away from the dog immediately, even when she is off lead. We’ve been taking a ball / toy to the park and she is now more interested in playing with us than other dogs. I can’t believe how much you’ve helped her already and I dread to think what she would have been like by now without the training!

Emmelianna and Eva

Our puppy was biting relentlessly – he is lovely natured and thought of it as play but we struggled to control it, trying many different recommended methods including yelping, ignoring him, and using treats to reward him for not biting.
Nothing was working and as he grew bigger we became increasingly wary of his size and the possible damage he could cause. Rob showed us the pennies-in-a-can method which we had read about but were initially unsure of. Having exhausted all other options we decided to try it and Rob showed us, with in-depth guidance, how to effectively use this method to curb his biting (or other unwanted behaviours) once and for all. We only needed to use the can once or twice for him to get the message and within a week his biting had stopped almost entirely- any time he seemed as though he wanted to bite, a reach for the can was enough to stop him in his tracks.

This has not changed our relationship with the puppy at all, he is still just as playful and comfortable with us and now we can spend far more relaxed, quality time together without having to exclude him for biting.

Victoria & Humphrey

I originally met Robert Alleyne in late November 2012 when I enrolled my very young puppy, a Parson Russell Terrier, in his Monday night dog training class. I did extensive research into which was the best dog training class in London and his name kept coming up. I went to visit his class a week before picking up my new dog and was so impressed that I signed up on the spot.

I live in North West London and am surrounded by dog training clubs. Robert’s class is in South East London, so couldn’t be further away. Despite the hour plus journey I had to make each week, I was convinced that this was where I was going to receive the best instruction.

The pet dog training I received gave me an excellent foundation and a year later I was heavily involved in the dog sports of agility, flyball and dock dogs Because of the good early start I received at Robert’s school, I got bitten by the dog training bug and was often seen in the local park teaching my dog some new thing.

It wasn’t long before people started to approach me and ask if I would train their dog for them. So two years after completing Robert’s pet dog training class, I enrolled on his 12 week dog training instructor course which I have now completed. Robert is an excellent teacher and has the added advantage of being both a dog trainer and a behaviour consultant, so can really get underneath any training issues students may have with a particular dog.

I also believe Robert has a far greater concern for the welfare of dogs than many other trainers out there, so will only teach what really works. A blessing in a world full of theoretical dog training techniques that often don’t really do the job.

In addition to the Thursday evening course, Robert holds what he calls Education Days for his instructors. One of these was held at his house where we watched videos of other trainers working and discussed what we thought worked well and what didn’t. This was great, as Robert likes to get you thinking for yourself rather than just following instructions by rote without any real deep understanding.

Another day was spent at the amazing Medical Detection Dog Centre near Milton Keynes, where we learnt how they teach their dogs to detect cancer, alert diabetes sufferers of poor blood sugar levels and warn those with nut allergies not to go in that room, because someone in there ate a peanut butter sandwich some 24 hours earlier and it’s still on his breath.

If you want to be a dog trainer I urge you to take Robert Alleyne’s instructor course. In a country where more dogs die because of behaviour problems than due to illness, it is up to us as instructors to stop this happening. We can only do this if we learn to do our job properly and to teach dog owners the most effective methods for training their friend. Not enough dog trainers are doing this. Don’t be one of them.