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We spoke on the ‘phone yesterday discussing my aspirations towards a career as a dog behaviourist. Thank you again for giving me some of your time. I cannot tell you how great it was to speak with someone as open and genuine as yourself. This journey I have found myself on can feel a bit frustrating and lonely at times and I came away from our chat with a new, positive focus as to what I need to do and what direction I need things to take.

I didn’t realise until I looked you up on net that your ‘that bloke from dog borstal!’ so I am even more grateful of your time. (I’ll get the gushing bit out of the way-you were the only reason I used to watch it and loved your approach to the dogs AND their owners- I’d like to think our core approach is quite similar and you’re a great role model- by the way that other guy seemed a bit of a plonker at times! I’m sure he’s a lovely guy when he’s not in military mode )

Thanks again, take care