Our south-east London-based training classes are a 9 session course for dogs and owners who would benefit from a group situation. Visitors are very welcome to just turn up to watch a class before joining, though you should leave your dog at home, so that you can more easily observe without the dog distracting you and the dog getting bored and frustrated.

Classes are held on Monday and Thursday evenings starting at 7.30pm. The cost is £180.00 for a 9 week course. The address is: All Saints Community Centre, New Cross Road, New Cross, London, SE14 5DJ. The hall is situated behind the church and between Monson Road, and Casella Road.

View the Interactive Map for more information on directions.

NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED TO JOIN THE CLASS IF THEY ARE VOCAL TOWARDS OTHER DOGS OR PEOPLE, as if they are aggressive or barking through over-excitement, putting them into a hall full of untrained dogs and bustling people is unlikely to make them feel any better, and may make them much worse. If your dog would be vocal in that environment, contact me for advice on how to address this behaviour, and once that issue is resolved, classes may then become an option.

Dogs are trained in groups of no more than six, and there are normally at least two trainers present at a time, so plenty of individual attention is available.

Unlike many other training classes, we do not run sessions strictly for puppies, as we feel that it is important for puppies to quickly learn how to behave around dogs of all ages. After all, the majority of dogs that they meet when they go out on walks will be adults, and if they do not know how to behave, they are likely to get themselves into trouble.

The classes focus on typical training problems, such as pulling on the lead, lack of recall, reluctance to stay, jumping up, and refusing to leave when told. We also do exercises in teaching your dogs to accept being handled, and an exercise in play.

Printed handouts explaining exercises covered are given out at the end of each session.